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Virtualized Cyberspace by Tim Bass

Virtualized Cyberspace
Virtualized Cyberspace

Cyberspace can be modeled, virtualized and simulated in way which permits us to view near realtime cyberspace activity with the naked eye. When we virtualize cyberspace in 3D we can observe, orient, travel, research, and work in a virtual world which represents real cyber objects and their relationship to objects. Cyberspace consists of objects, generally represented as cyber objects (vertices) and relationships (edges) between cyber objects in graphs. These objects may be enriched by the fusion or addition of data and information to provide a virtual representation of sectors of cyberspace which can be traversed in both space and time. Prototyping this approach with actual commercial web server session activity information has shown that higher degrees of cyber situational awareness can be achieved as objects are increasingly enriched by the fusion of data and information from multiple sensors and sources, objectified and rendered into a 3D visualization. Hence, cyberspace can be virtualized and simulated; and this virtualization can be visualized with the naked eye, traveled explored and operationalized.