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Visualizing Priority IDS Events with Elementary AI


Not really AI… some might all it “gaming AI” …

Pathfinding is the method for determining how to get [a game object] from one point on a map to another, taking into consideration the terrain, obstacles and possibly “fog of war”. Beyond pathfinding, navigation is a sub-field of Game AI focusing on giving [game objects] the capability to navigate in their environment, finding a path to a target while avoiding collisions with other entities (other [game objects], players…) or collaborating with them (group navigation).” – Wikipedia

In this video I simply demonstrate “flying to high priority events” or “a baby-step toward more complex pathfinding in a graph representing cyberspace”.

In a nutshell, the visualization loop seeks out all IDS nodes that are marked as “high priority” (red) and then automatically creates a path to travel to each node sequentially. The attributes of each node (intrusion detection event) are automatically updated on the top right hand side of the screen, allowing rapid “auto pilot” visual inspection of cyber objects and events in near real-time.

Please be sure to set your YouTube video setting to the highest quality HD.

For those who might be interested, the graph in this video represents over 81,000 IDS events clustered by country and IP address into over 5,500 nodes and more than 5,500 edges. I think there are around nine priority 1 (red) IDS events; but I did not take the time to count them while “flying” around the graph.