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Centroids and Alterons


I have completed my “Beta 12 Alteron” example Unity 3D visualization of cyberspace. In this small step forward, I have completed array processing for (1) more advanced clustering, (2) finding the centroids of multiple clusters, (3) finding the centroids of groups of multiple clusters, and also (4) finding the span of multiple clusters. Using the centroids and spans of clusters, I calculate what I call “Alterons” which is just a cool “spacey” sounding name which describes a series of reference point in three dimensional space used to visualize a cluster. With this code complete, I can easily “warp” to Alterons for each cluster and I can also create orbital paths to travel around one or more clusters of interest in autopilot mode.

In addition, I have also started adding additional orbital capabilities to have the viewport (camera) “autopilot” in this multiverse of objects in cyberspace. Also, I have completed code for basic displaying of node properties based on mouse clicks and other raycasting methods in Unity. My guess is that I have coded at least about 1000 lines of C# code in the Unity 3D IDE so far. Slowly, I’m getting better at C#, a programming language I had not used until I started working with Unity. The good news is that I am getting much more comfortable in Unity 3D and C#.

I still a lot more work to do. It’s hard work but it is also fun and rewarding to work with near real-time data representing objects in cyberspace and to write the code to create a multiverse of this self-designed representation of cyberspace. To assist my mind and take the load of my aging eyes, I bought a 34″ curved, top of the line, state of the art, Asus monitor; which has made coding much easier on the eyes.

Writing hundreds of lines of code a day on a small MacBook Air display was putting me in a perpetual bad mood due to eye strains and stress. However, a week coding with 34 inches of high-tech real estate has really improved my mood and lifted my spirit. My “developers headaches” have all but disappeared. Coding cyberspace is hard, tedious work.

I’m smiling again 🙂