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Scaling Cyberspace Graph Representations with Unity 3D – Beta Example 4


We have completed this 4th draft example Unity 3D visualization of cyberspace.   In this beta version (actually more of an alpha version), we continue a bit of flying around in our force-directed graph (FDG) representation of cyberspace, warping to a few distant clusters of objects from time to time.

Now, we are working on the next phase of new features for this cyberspace situational awareness project.  It’s twelve hours a day mind-numbing work; but it’s fun!

Stay tuned!

We are planning new FDG code which will take our JSON files of cyber nodes and edges and add 3D coordinates to each node; and we are planning features which will use both the coords of the center of clusters and interesting properties in nodes to fly around cyberspace using AI.   In this manner,  we don’t have to push keys or move hands or joysticks to fly and inspect clusters and situations in cyberspace.

We believe that AI will come into play here where our sim will fly, warp and visit nodes and clusters of interest without our intervention.  Of course, we can take control and manually toggle on and and off these auto pilot features, but we think it would be useful to have AI doing the flying sooner than later.

When the nodes of interest appear in front of us in our planned cyberspace sim, a window should pop up (maybe in the upper right corner) which contains various node properties. In this way, as we fly around the graph we can inspect properties of the nodes that are near us; and of course we can also take control and select and inspect all nodes and links manually.

Also, further down the road, we are planning to add start menus that permit us to select which sensor data to fuse and observe.  This screen might look like a bunch of playing cards, or maybe icons, that represent the various sensors available; and we will select one or more data files to run our sim. So eventually, down the road. we plan to port and develop more fusion apps for our sim.

Don’t go away 🙂 As they say “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” …..