Cyber Situational Awareness


Visualizing Intrusion Detection and TCP Connection Information Side-By-Side

In this featured video I show two versions of my Beta UnitySA (Beta 30) running side-by-side. On the left side we are visualizing around...
Clandestine Indexing Botnet

Spotting Aggressive Clandestine BotNets

Yesterday was making a typical "evening run" in cyberspace and noticed a strange pattern, zoomed in, and found an aggressive clandestine "indexing" botnet operating...

Visualizing 15,000 IDS Alerts in Unity 3D

The video screen capture in the post represents a 3D view of 14693 Snort IDS Alerts clustered into 1726 nodes and 1726 edges rendered...
High Level Blackboard Architecture for Cyber SA by Tim Bass

A High Level Blackboard Architecture for Cyber SA

Bass, Tim, A High Level Blackboard Architecture for Cyber SA, ResearchGate Presentation, 7 May 2017, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33614.87365/1 Full presentation in PDF on ResearchGate.
Timeline of Virtualized Cyberspace

Thanks to All Who are a Part of Our Extended Global...

A special thanks to Katherine Lindemann, ResearchGate, Miami Date Science Meetup, and Aki Laim for being a part of an our extended team as...
Cybersecurity experts team up on ResearchGate to make threats in cyberspace easier to see

Cybersecurity experts team up on ResearchGate to make threats in cyberspace...

Press Release on ResearchGate, 24th July 2017 Follow @CyberSpaceSA on Twitter    
Un rincón de mi mentevideo

La Seguridad Extrema O Limitar La Libertad

Muy buenas, hoy os traigo un vídeo informativo sobre un grupo de ingenieros informáticos, altamente cualificados. Tim Bass, trabajo como "consultor de ciber-seguridad" para...
WPScan 2017-08-09 at 3.46.15 PM

Virtualized Cyberspace Example: Visualizing Three WPScan Events in Near Real Time

Here is an example of flying in virtualized cyberspace in near real time, looking at risks while enjoying cup of coffee, and quickly noticing...

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Multisensor Data Fusion


应用于下一代分布式入侵检测系统的多传感器数据融合 by Tim Bass – Translation by derta

Chinese translation of Multisensor Data Fusion for Next Generation Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems by Tim Bass, translated by derta. 应用于下一代分布式入侵检测系统的多传感器数据融合
Netstat Events - Unity 3d

2017 Cyberspace Situational Awareness Research Progress

Here is a quick beginning of the year update on our 2017 cyberspace situational awareness (CSA) research projects (2016 End Of Year Update): (1) Completed...
46000 IDS Events

Cyberspace Situational Awareness and the Crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 1951

Last last night I could not sleep and so I ended up on the couch watching a NatGeo program about the accident investigation regarding...
IDS Alerts - Visualization

Update on Scaleability 100,000 IDS Events – Hip Hip Array!

One of the good things about C# game programming on a tiny three year old MacBook Air with 4MB of RAM and a boring...
Patterns & Anomalies in Cyberspace by Tim Bass

Patterns & Anomalies in Cyberspace

Patterns & Anomalies in Cyberspace - Presenting visual patterns and anomalies in cyberspace based on research and development into visualization tools and processing methods...

Centroids and Alterons

I have completed my "Beta 12 Alteron" example Unity 3D visualization of cyberspace. In this small step forward, I have completed array processing for...